ProfessionAL Bio

Kasey LeClercq has been practicing yoga for over 19 years. She is a Yoga Alliance RYT Certified instructor specializing in Vinyasa Yoga with an emphasis on Power Style Hatha which uses an individual’s personal body weight to strengthen and go deeper into the muscles and release the fascia. Kasey is a practicing Tantra instructor as well as a Breath Work instructor, a Meditation guide and an Ayurvedic practitioner teaching in Bellevue, WA. Over the past 10 years, Kasey has deepened her focus on the anatomy of the yoga postures, pranayama meditation, and the history and stories that support classic yoga practices. Kundalini yoga is another passion of Kasey’s and often inspires the sequences at Bloom Yoga.  

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"I want my students to feel as beautiful and free as I've learned to feel"