Bloom Yoga creates an all-out sensory experience to take your yoga journey to an elevated level.

Yoga in a unique combination of styles depending on each of our yogi’s needs. We use the principles and the form of Hatha, Kundalini, and Vinyasa to craft each of our sequences using our own body weight to go deeper into building strength and releasing physical ailments. Movement is the foundation of the healing work we do at Bloom Yoga.


Pranayama, or thoughtful, controlled breathing techniques are used in our classes to help regulate the nervous system, detox the body, calm the mind, balance heart rate, increase circulation, soothe emotions and facilitate in our ability to go deeper into the release of tension. Our instructors prescribe breathing techniques based on the needs of each of our yogis and the focus on our group classes. Breathing in a group has a unique effect of building off of others' energy, while some prefer and only feel comfortable going deep into breath in a private setting.  


We use a number of different rituals to both tune the energy and the frequency of the space and to celebrate a deeper connection to all the unseen forces that support the work we do together at Bloom Yoga. Our roots are set in a devotional practice, a deep knowing and reverence for the Universal drive that moves through and with each of us. Our instructors tune in with ceremonial practices to help them be in unison and to hear and feel the deeper needs of our yogis. Ritual helps us to guide our students to embrace the collective power that moves through all sentient beings.


Inside Bloom Studio, Your senses will be awakened

Smells and the power of Mother Earth are another key component of Bloom Yoga. Every class is complimented with a sacred part of Mother Earth to ground and illuminate our experience. Kasey has been working with essential oils for over 10 years and has extensive experience in their healing powers which can range from calming anxiety to cleansing the heart, balancing the hormones, relieving painful attachments, uplifting or calming the spirit, supporting the immune system, quelling our fears and the list goes on and on.

Essential Oils

Sound is an essential element to our wellness at Bloom Yoga. Each class is choreographed to unique music that is designed to take us deeper on our paths to healing. We also use chant and sacred sound to seal in our practice as well as open up our systems with rhythmic vibration. Chanting can be seen like a tuning fork for the system.


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Embodied healing for all bodies.
Soften your mind.
awaken your sences.
Become a Goddess.